Certification Work Services

One of the most accurate & important service of any chartered Agency is issuance of accreditations to its client necessary for various requirements under different appropriate guidelines & control. Generally, following kinds of accreditations are being necessary by the company houses based on there structure / the rights being experienced by them under the law, economical design with the loan company, benefit & reductions to be stated under sculpture and regular conformity of appropriate guidelines & control.

Generally, following kinds of accreditations are necessary to carry on company activities in India:

• Certificates on the foundation economical books of accounts and yearly fiscal reports.

• Certificates on the foundation governmental records being managed under India Companies Act, 1956 and other appropriate laws.

• Certification of governmental liabilities

• Certification of Work out Principles of Stocks of Company for the objective of merging / de-merger, Buy Back, Allowance of further shares and transfer of shares from homeowner to non homeowner.

• Certificates for international remittance to be made by homeowner in India to international enterprise outside India u/s 195 of the Earnings Tax Act,1961

• Net worth Certificates necessary for the objective of financial institution financial situation, providing of financial institution guarantee and issuance of Charge by Embassy.

• Certification of arms length price u/ 92 of the gains Tax Act, 1961.

• Utilization accreditations of various grants being released by Government. Of India to NGO’s, Statutory Systems, Independent Systems, charitable organizations.

• Certificates for declaring various reductions & omission under various guidelines & control.

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